What does a shipping agent do and why is it a career to consider

What does a shipping agent do and why is it a career to consider

 July 26, 2022, 11:11 p.m.

The shipping sector is critical to global trade and most countries' economic development. It differs from other industries in a number of ways because of its worldwide engagement and operations. As a result, it provides a wide range of job options.

When a ship visits or docks in a port, a shipping agent is the person who handles all of the financial transactions for the ship. In basic terms, it is a shipping agent who, in conjunction with a local expert, works as a spokesman for the ship's owner and performs all necessary responsibilities and obligations for the ship's crew.

What makes a good shipping agent

           1. Adaptability

A good shipping agent must be able to adapt to the ever-changing nature of this phase of the shipping process. An excellent agent may switch from carrying out a well-thought-out operation to doing something utterly unexpected.

            2. Analytical

Being an excellent ship's agent requires the ability to document actions properly. Because the agent is the "go-to" person for any circumstance, they are always dealing with correct paperwork procedures, from immigration to port authorities to procuring crew food.

           3. People skills

It is critical that shipping agents have strong interpersonal skills and like interacting with individuals from other cultures. Throughout their careers, these agents contact people of many ethnicities.

           4. Passion for maritime

Finally, a competent agent should be enthusiastic about the marine sector. Understanding that a vessel agent is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week is an important part of the job. While working as a shipping agent is not your standard "9 to 5" job and can be demanding at times, it can also be quite rewarding.

Tasks of a shipping agent

The shipping agent is in charge of taking care of the crew's every need and requirement, such as obtaining local currency, receiving mail, arranging for repairmen if the ship requires major repairs, refilling food and water containers, and many other such activities.

Along with the aforementioned tasks, it is also the obligation of a shipping agent to ensure that all dues are paid and fulfilled, especially when it comes to customs. Payment of the dues may even be extended to people working aboard the ship on a contract basis whose contract may have expired after arriving at that specific port. Keeping all of these things in mind, a shipping agent cannot afford to ignore his responsibilities.

 Because of the appearance of shipping agents, ship owners can be free of all the details that must be processed each and every time a ship arrives at a port. In the absence of shipping agents, a ship owner will be forced to rush from one port to the next, across many nations, attempting to address every problem and incorporate every new upgrade to the ship.

These are some of the skills a shipping agent requires-

  • Control trade commercial documentation

Examine written documents containing information about business transactions, such as invoices, letters of credit, orders, shipments, and origin certificates.

  • Comply with various export rules in different countries.

Check that product labeling and packaging comply with various rules in the countries to which they are exported.

  • Manage import-export licenses

Ensure that permits and licenses are issued correctly during the import and export operations.

  • Provide advice to clients in terms of import-export restrictions

Notify customers about export limits, which are rules set by a given nation or government on the number of items that may be exported. Inform customers of import restrictions such as taxes, licenses, quotas, currency restrictions, prohibitions, and other rules.

  • Use methods to guarantee that shipment meets customs requirements

When transferring products across borders and arriving via ports/airports or any other logistical hub, follow the various processes necessary to satisfy customs responsibilities, such as making formal customs declarations. Different techniques should be used for different sorts of commodities, and shipping standards must be followed.

  • Ensure compliance with port regulations

Ensure that regulations are followed at harbors and sea ports. To detect possible concerns, communicate with relevant agencies.

  •  Keep up with the latest customs requirements.

Keep up with the most recent developments and changes in customs laws and government policies affecting international trade.

Why it would be wise to choose this as a career

A shipping agent's job is highly popular since it allows him to deal with shipping firms and owners from all over the world, not just his own. Because a shipping agent is a local, he may gain the faith of a ship owner as well as the trust of the ship's crew.

This increases his exposure since he/she will be able to grasp and learn what the crew's true demands are as a result of this encounter. This awareness of his clients' needs and supply of the same allows a shipping agent to build goodwill and secure additional clients for himself.

Another important aspect of shipping agents' roles and responsibilities is that they are in charge of the ship's appropriate paperwork when it arrives at a port to dock. When you consider this in addition to the vast list of services listed above, it's evident that the function of a shipping agent isn't one to be taken lightly.

To work as a shipping agent, you must have formal education or training. This is becoming increasingly unusual in a work environment where entry-level occupations require at least a four-year degree. Career progression in supply chain management is a distinct opportunity that allows you to maximize your abilities.

Begin by understanding the ins and outs of the sector, conducting research on the requirements of the many professionals with whom you will be engaging, and working diligently to establish relationships and expand your shipping network. Delivering continuous communication and dependable shipments will speak for themselves.

He or she has the power to provide considerably more than what a shipping business or ship owner could ask for or anticipate, making the job one-of-a-kind. The shipping agent offers the motivation for the shipping business to continue alive and prospering in today's modern times, where it has managed to adapt and keep on par with the times.

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