Top Crewing agency in Chittagong

Top Crewing agency in Chittagong

 May 26, 2022, 3:49 p.m.

One of the main reasons behind the growth of the product manufacturing and export industries is the shipping sector. Shipping companies offer shipping services and excellent customer support, and thanks to the various shipping methods available, people can get what they want from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their homes.


This post walks you through the process by naming one of the top crew companies and briefly explaining how they can help. All you really have to do is contact them and request that your item be delivered to your home.


What is a crewing agency?

The crew hires seafarers to board the ship for the shipping company's customers. Make sure you have all the required certificates, domestic documents, and travel documents. Agents also take care of your immigrants and medical needs. 


Shipping transports more than 80% of world trade and is difficult to transport without the assistance of seafarers. Seafarers play an important role in ensuring that industrial vessels transport goods safely while minimizing unnecessary delays. On the other hand, shipowners may find it difficult to find a seafarer who does not care about money, contracts, or health.


The global shipping industry transports more than 90% of world trade, and most things cannot be achieved without it, such as world trade, mass processing of goods, and the transportation of cheap food and finished goods.


The importance of a crewing agency

Some of the reasons why a shipowner could employ a sea crew service provider to hire some of the most skilled sea crew are as follows.


  • To safely navigate a ship: A sea crew service provider is required to properly navigate a ship since they provide on-shore assistance.


  • Provider of sea crew services: A marine crew service provider is essentially a corporation that recruits seafarers. A sea crew service firm that supplies nautical staff for various deck jobs benefits shipowners. A marine crew with a diverse set of abilities and expertise is engaged to carry out a variety of activities necessary for the ship's smooth operation.


A sea crew service provider ensures that captains, technicians, and maybe other crew members have the knowledge and talents, as well as the mental and physical health, to work at sea.


  • Paperwork: The sea crew agency makes certain that the individual has all of the essential papers and qualifications to serve as a crew member. They also maintain track of the contractual documents and records of the sea crew in order to aid shipowners in hiring the finest staff.


  • Eligibility: The service agency investigates whether or whether the individual employed is competent for the job, as well as the ship's competence and route planning. They also train and educate the crew to ensure that they have the knowledge and ability to properly operate the ship.


Why choose Sea King Marine Services Ltd

SKMS is Bangladesh's top crew recruiting agency. SKMS spends all available resources on these initiatives, so you can be confident that your ship is in the hands of an experienced person. 


Recruiting the crew is a rewarding process. All crew agencies face major hurdles due to the long process of selecting and hiring officers and crew. Thanks to our extensive database, global network, and promotions, you can find the most accepted applicants in a short period of time. 


SKMS provides top employees to top customers. The SKMS database contains approximately 2000 seafarer applications. Their software is also used in crew management systems. 


You can easily organize paperwork such as crew applications, certificates,  and credentials. Her goal is to fully understand the needs of the company and its customers in order to provide the best possible talent. 


Its main purpose is to provide customers with safe, fast, high quality, honest and cost-effective ship management services. Their crew recruitment and training program actively designs their own top-notch seafarers to solve problems.


Having the correct team is one thing; having the proper successful team is another. We apprehend that the skill, qualifications, and understanding of officials and teams are essential to a vessel`s secure operation. 


The Manning Agent cautiously chooses and employs seafarers, and a software shape with every seafarer's whole details and ex-offerings is supplied to the Client for his consideration. 


Their stringent choice system, that's enterprise standard, guarantees that they've got a limitless delivery of able and well-skilled seafarers for deployment aboard our controlled vessels. Their hiring system is geared toward generating crews with the best diploma of capacity and self-sufficiency. 


Officers, Ratings, and their families can expect a hands-on, individualized approach from SKMS. This, in turn, develops passion and dedication, which is important in the current situation of labor shortages.


For customers who need to travel fast, SKMS can arrange visas, airplane tickets, OK2BOARD, immigration processes, and other services. Their specialist travel division is fully equipped to assist the seafarers and their families with visa arrangements and trip planning both on and off the ship.


SKMS begins the preparation technique, such as seafarer's vessel flag documentation, and training courses where the seafarer is familiar with the client's ISM Policy after the medical is acceptable and the sailor is deemed 'fit to work.'


During the recruitment process, all officers and ratings are thoroughly vetted and examined by shore-based master mariners and chief engineers to ensure that they have the qualifications required for their respective positions.


Payroll administration is an important part of the hiring process. SKMS  also provide entire payroll administration to satisfy all of the client's expectations, based on their expertise as a successful HR Partner.


They offer a dedicated group of trained and experienced lecturers that give training on a wide range of topics to address the changing needs of the global maritime sector. Using revolutionary next-generation training equipment, they are capable of imparting all necessary skills to seafarers ranging from cadets to captains.

They care about your dreams. They dispatch the appropriate personnel to the correct area. For them, the value of time is extremely important. They provide the same degree of expertise at a reduced rate. They are documentation specialists. You are capable of dealing with unforeseen circumstances. SKMS  does not cut corners when it comes to quality.

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