Top 4 International Shipping Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Top 4 International Shipping Mistakes You Need to Avoid

 Sept. 16, 2022, 12:57 p.m.

One of the primary variables influencing a rise in the number of items made and industries exporting to other countries is shipping companies. People can now purchase anything they desire from any location in the world while relaxing in the convenience of their own homes because of the availability of so many various types of shipping.


Today's customer is used to receiving goods internationally quickly and effectively. Importers and exporters of goods must give shipping procedures a top priority. Even while prompt shipping services might increase sales, the procedure can become costly and time-consuming if done incorrectly. Errors may end up costing you a lot of money and resulting in protracted shipment delays. Sadly, these delivery delays cannot be reimbursed.


One of the few methods to avoid typical shipping hazards is to choose the best international ocean freight forwarding business. These typical international shipping errors need to be avoided if you want to maximize client happiness and prevent needless delays and fines.


What is a shipping agency?

Shipping is the act of physically transporting goods from one location to another, such as when goods are sent from a warehouse to a consumer. A shipping or logistics business will oversee the shipment process, which comes after the production and packaging of the items.


A shipping agency or shipping agent is the appointed person or business in responsible for handling shipments and cargo as well as the general interests of its clients at ports and harbors across the world for ship owners, managers, and charterers. In other parts of the world, these agents are often known as port agents or cargo brokers.


A shipping or freight forwarding business will handle the shipment procedure after the creation and consumption of the product. Depending on the distance traveled and the required delivery time, shipping can take on a variety of various forms.


Without shipping, the majority of things, such as international trade, bulk raw material transportation, and the import and export of affordable food and manufactured goods, would not have been possible. The worldwide shipping industry transports around 90% of all world trade.


The mistakes that can cost you a lot more than usual

Mistakes may end up costing you thousands of dollars and resulting in protracted shipment delays. While prompt delivery services can boost sales, if done incorrectly, the procedure can become challenging and exorbitant. Sadly, these delivery delays cannot be reimbursed.


One of the few methods to avoid typical shipping hazards is to choose the best international ocean freight forwarding business.


  • Avoiding shipping regulations in destination countries

Customs regulations differ from nation to country, therefore if you utilize one country's regulations for another, your product can get held up in customs. There may be different standards in different countries that must be met in order to pass your products through customs. Because of this, freight forwarders must determine if they completely understand the rules governing package delivery before setting delivery commitments with their clients.


The majority of nations have up-to-date versions of their customs regulations, which may include certificates that identify the product's country of origin. It's a good idea to employ a consultant with knowledge of the subject to look into the trade rules and regulations of your target country in more detail.


  • Wrong packaging and labeling

Given the weights moving in their packaging and the potential for fallen containers while shipping internationally, it is crucial to carefully wrap your product to assure its safe delivery. Companies are advised to learn how often containers will be handled and how they will be transported. 


For instance, to safeguard delicate glassware during shipment, you need to pack it in a highly dense and shock-absorbent sort of material.


Incorrect labeling can result in a variety of problems, including delays, extra costs, and damaged items. Correct item labels and accurate delivery addresses are requirements for businesses. Bear in mind that additional precise marks, indicating details like the nation of origin and the presence of any hazardous products, will be required on your boxes and labels.


  • Not adequately protecting your possessions 

For the bulk of international transportation, cargo insurance is required. It's possible that some aspects of your coverage will cost you money. For instance, inaccurate labeling, packing, and classification information may invalidate your cover.


General Liability, Error and Omission, and Freight Forwarders' Liability are just a few of the policies that authorized freight forwarders to hold (to protect shipping companies against human error). It is advised to confirm the level of insurance that your shipping business carries.


  • Picking the wrong shipping company for your destination

There is no one international shipping company or method that works best in every situation. Choosing a shipping firm for certain countries may hasten delivery to your consumers since that company has ties with the customs in that country.


Any supplier you work with to transport goods internationally has to be aware of the trade lanes you are in and the best way to transfer your goods in a manner that is safe, timely, undamaged, and compliant with all legal requirements. 


By examining references, enquiring about the supplier's history in the country, the volume of business it has conducted there, and the number of workers who are based there, you may ascertain whether the supplier has experience there.


Most shipping companies with a significant market share in a nation will also maintain a physical office there.


In Bangladesh, you don’t have to worry about these shipping mistakes because you have Sea King Marine service. SKMS is the top shipping company in Bangladesh. To ensure that its clients may rest easy knowing that their shipments are in skilled hands, SKMS devotes all of its resources to these projects.


Each client's needs and expectations are known to SKMS. They provide a wide selection of shipping and forwarding services that are appropriate for companies of all sizes, giving you the assurance that everything will be handled carefully from start to finish.


Their staff is always knowledgeable about the most recent customs regulations. They classify your items accurately and make sure that your cargo is passed by customs as promptly as possible. With their container loading supervision service, your shipment is never in bad hands. Additionally, you'll receive high-resolution pictures and videos of your goods.



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