How to setup shipping business in Bangladesh

How to setup shipping business in Bangladesh

 Aug. 17, 2022, 9:29 p.m.

One of the key variables influencing a rise in the number of items made and industries exporting to other countries is shipping companies. People can now get anything they want from anywhere in the world while relaxing in the comfort of their own homes because there are so many various delivery options available.

A shipping agency or shipping agent is the chosen person or business in charge of handling shipments and cargo as well as the general interests of its clients at ports and harbors across the world for ship owners, managers, and charterers. In other parts of the world, people refer to these agents as port agents or cargo brokers.

Delivery services and outstanding customer support are both provided by shipping companies. You don't need to worry about whether you can order from Bangladesh from anywhere in the globe you can.

As a result of its ability to earn a high income and the fact that so many enterprises now import and export, the shipping industry is one of the ones with the fastest expanding economies in history.

Any firm must be thoroughly understood, including its model and requirements, for it to be successful. Many companies begin with a fantastic idea. However, there may be a significant difference between a fantastic concept and a successful startup, and many individuals lack the knowledge necessary to close this gap, leading them to risk blowing their whole life savings on the venture.

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Steps you need to know to start a shipping business

A shipping company, however, entails much more than only purchasing a ship and transporting commodities over the water. To ensure the success of the firm, a number of intricate aspects must be addressed.

Here are the steps you must take if you want to start a shipping company:

●    Create a Successful Business Plan

You need finance sources or partners if money is a constraint before you can launch your firm. You must have a business plan for this. This business plan needs to discuss the data, numbers, and tactics you'll be using. Your investor wants to hear how you plan to manage the company and turn a profit.

Your selling proposal, target market, talents, pricing, cost, financial projections, key capabilities, etc. should all be mentioned in your company plan. You can persuade powerful investors or use it to obtain a bank loan.

●    Marketing

Regardless of how successful your company is, it will fail if you do not advertise it effectively. The intriguing part is that marketing companies are not promoted in the same way that other businesses are, so you need to be aware of the strategies involved in marketing such a firm.

●    Deciding on an office

Few people would trust you with their products if you are a new player in the industry, especially if there are well-known shipping businesses nearby.

So the first guideline of having an office is to pick a place where there isn't much fierce competition. Targeting a market where there is a need but few shipping businesses is a wise move.

●    staff

You must employ technical personnel since this is a technological industry. Several technicians for maintenance, a seasoned captain to steer the ship, and a large team to deal with orders, customers, inventory management, accounting, etc.

Finding the ideal candidates may be quite challenging. To employ your staff, you could even require their assistance.

License and registration process

The validation of the entrepreneur's selection of an entity is the first step in the registration process. The registration process starts as soon as the entity type, such as private limited/public, a sole proprietorship, or a partnership, is confirmed.

●    Company

Public limited corporations and private limited firms go through the same incorporation procedure. The company can be founded after submitting the necessary documents and government fees to the Company House, Registrar of Joint Stock and Companies (RJSC). After verifying the authenticity and legality of all the paperwork, the RJSC must provide a certificate of incorporation.

●    Partnership

By signing a partnership deed and registering the partnership with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, a partnership firm can be founded (RJSC).

●    Sole proprietorship

There are no partners in this kind of organization, which is founded by a single person. A trade license from the applicable city corporation is required in order to do business through such an entity.

●    Other licenses

Depending on the kind of services that the chosen business want to offer to clients, a range of licenses must be secured after the entity has been chosen.

Ship operations and management

As mentioned earlier, the job of the shipping company is to transport the product intact from the place of production to the place of demand. It has a huge workforce that ensures all types of transportation or other ancillary facilities. A transportation system grows around three elements:

1.     Specific infrastructure such as ports or terminals. 

2.    Carrying goods to ports/terminals by ships or barges (small vessels, usually run on rivers). 

3.    Institutional arrangements for effective management of these transport and ports/terminals, including skilled manpower.

Shipping is a method of moving products that involve a network of routes that span the ocean and arrive at a certain port. So once more, commercial activities like port infrastructure, ship operations management, and office administration are all part of maritime services.

In order to move his products from one port to another, the consignor (the shipper) of the commodities expects the services of the shipping firm. No matter if they are an importer, exporter, consignor, consignee, or consignee, anybody can use shipping services and enter into a contract with the shipping firm.

Setting up a business is always hard and shipping business is no different from that. In order to transport a product from the point of production to the market where it is required, traders use their intellect and insight to predict where the demand for a product will increase. One has to have that kind of insight in order to set up a shipping business.

If you want to successfully launch a shipping firm, it is crucial to take these factors into account first.

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